Why choose 5 Stars

5 Stars contains no grains, unlike certain commercial foods. The stomach of dogs and cats aren't made to disgest grain.

Our food keeps your pet's digestive track in good health due to an easier and faster digestion. This reduces by 95% the risk of torsion and/or gastric bloating.

5 Stars also boosts your pet's immune system, which helps increase your pet's life span.

It also offers protection against tartar accumulation. Your pet's teeth will stay cleaner and whiter.

5 Stars helps with certain skin problems or allergies, a simple and natural solution. It can help your pet's fur get more dense and glossy all while diminishing hair loss and pet odor.

Perfect for a young companion, helps steady growth and favors a stronger structure.

Your pet will be more energetic and have better well-being.

Also helps with weight control.

Easy to handle. Our food is frozen, cut in 1/2lb wafers, and packaged in individual 10lbs bags.

Increases fertility in dogs, which benefits breeders.

Reduces your veterinary fees greatly.

Never cook or reheat 5 Stars food! Serve thawed or semi-thawed. Heat will destroy the nutrients stored in the food.

Portions are easy and simple to serve. No preperation or added ingredients are necessary.

We offer various recipes according to your needs; whether it be weight control, lactation, gestation, hypoallergenics and so on.

5 Stars is suitable at any stage of your pet's development.

The origin and sources of all the ingredients in our food are known and are of SUPERIOR quality.